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Save with LPG Auto Gas conversion

LPG autogas conversions installations repairsSave On Fuel Expenses - Make The Switch To Boemo and Apollogas LPG with Pride Autos & LPG Launceston! Liquefied Petroleum Gas is typically at least 50 percent cheaper than other automotive fuels, meaning you can achieve significant savings from day one, and recover the cost of a conversion in a relatively short period of time.

Example: Assuming over a year that LPG averaged $0.65 cents per litre while unleaded petrol averaged $1.25 per Litre. An average Commodore or Falcon traveling 15,000 kilometres per year would save around $24 per week on fuel (note - these figures will alter when the prices of LPG and Petrol fluctuate). Typical conversion costs range from $3 000 to $4 800 depending on the type of vehicle.

Please see the LPG Vehicle Scheme for more information and you can book LPG Gas Service online now.


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